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SDI was created in 1999 and grew out of the success of our sister company TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training.

Both students and instructors have embraced the no nonsense approach that the their training system offers. SDI have streamlined the course materials to let students study the essential academics with an emphasis on practical diving skills learned in both the pool and open water environments.

This is the only scuba training and certification agency to require students to be taught with modern dive computers from the onset of training. SDI course materials are state-of-the-art; the materials are lavishly illustrated with photography and graphics. All of the courses we offer are recognised worldwide and represent the two largest training organisations in the world. Scuba Diving International are part of the TDI training organisation, the largest technical training agency that sets the standard of technical diving worldwide. Whether you are looking to move into the more technical fields of diving or just interested in expanding your current knowledge, we have something for everybody.

Check out our listing of the wide range of course you can book onto today. Finished your open water certification, why not hone your skills and knowledge and sign on for our Advance Diver Program? This will provide you with the extra skills and confidence you will need to take you off on your own adventures. For further information go to


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