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Divemaster Course



The Divemaster Course is the first professional-level certification. During the course, you will learn how to work with divers, lead certified divers, and act as a dive guide showing divers underwater dive sites and the marine life that inhabits those dives sites. You will increase your knowledge about physics and physiology, as well as increase your proficiency with your scuba and snorkelling skills. You will get to learn how to guide dives, assists on courses and charters. Once completed, you will be ready to enrol on the instructor courses. 

All Divemaster students dive free on our local charters throughout their course period to help them increase their hours and skill levels.

Whilst minimum hours required to complete the course is 40, students often train for 70+ to ensure they have a firm grounding on becoming dive professionals. 

See SDI for more details

This course also requires the O2 Administration and a First Aid certification


The Divemaster Course takes an in-depth look at all of the following, and more: 

  • Standards and procedures
  • SDI History
  • Divemaster Code of ethics and professionalism
  • Products and procedures
  • Placing orders
  • Yearly renewals
  • Liability and insurance
  • Risk management
  • Waivers and releases
  • Filling out an accident report
  • Knowledge Development
  • Equipment
  • Physics and physiology of diving
  • Medical problems related to diving
  • Use of dive computers and tables
  • Diving environment
  • Dive planning and dive management control
  • Problem solving
  • Underwater and surface communications
  • Diver assistance
  • Avoiding out of air and emergency situations
  • Recommended safe diving practices
  • Boat diving procedures
  • Shore/beach diving procedures
  • Night diving procedures
  • Accident management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Leadership development
  • Planning group dives
  • Divemaster check lists and logs


Course prerequisites:
  • Certified Advanced Adventure or equivalent: advanced certification must include verifiable experience in deep, navigation, night, and limited visibility specialities;
  • Certified Rescue Diver or equivalent;
  • Provide proof of current CPR, First Aid, and oxygen provider (where local law permits);
  • Provide proof of at least 40 logged dives;
  • Be at least 18 years of age.


What you can expect to learn:

The Divemaster course will teach you to demonstrate:

  • A non-stop 800 metre swim with mask, snorkel, and fins without the use of arms, completed in less than 17 minutes
  • A non-stop 400 metre surface swim of any stroke without the use of swimming aids, completed in less than 10 minutes.
  • Scuba equipment skills necessary for a Dive Leader.
  • Transport another diver in-water in full scuba equipment, and at a quick pace for 4 minutes.
  • A complete rescue scenario
  • Underwater skills, with and without a mask
  • A 100-metre surface swim in full scuba equipment, using the snorkel.
  • How to bring a diver, simulating unconsciousness, up from a depth not greater than 6 metres, them 100 metres in less than 4 minutes.
  • Confined water skills
  • Preparation and planning
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Group control
  • Problem recognition and solving
  • Dive equipment assembly and disassembly
  • Appropriate equipment inspection
  • Navigating entries/exits
  • Proper weighting and buoyancy control
  • Snorkel and regulator clearing
  • Regulator recovery
  • Controlled descents and ascents
  • Underwater swimming
  • Mask clearing
  • Buddy system techniques
  • Weight system removal and replacement
  • Out-of-air emergency alternatives
  • Equipment care and maintenance


Diving is an adventure activity that includes risk to your person. Under New Zealand law we are we required to notify you of the following statement.

You accept that this activity inherently involves risks and potential hazards. The risks and hazards include, but are not limited to breathing compressed gas, marine traffic, marine life, decompression sickness, drowning, barotrauma, air embolism, decompression illness, dehydration, gas narcosis, malfunctioning equipment, ear problems, sun damage, hyperthermia, hypothermia, sea sickness, and adverse weather events.

These activities are run in the outdoors on the ocean, so may be exposed to sudden natural disasters such as, but not limited to Tsunami, Earthquakes, Slips Landslides or Rock Falls, or Volcanic Eruption. I am aware that participating in the activities offered by New Zealand Diving Limited can be hazardous even if they are conducted with care, control, and responsibility. You acknowledge that these risks could result in my injury (physical or mental) or even death.



Please read our terms & conditions found on our website page, frequently asked questions before booking:

Sometimes our activities may have to be rescheduled due to situations outside of our control, such as poor weather. Please note we reschedule in such situations, as described in our terms and conditions.

Overseas participants are advised to carry travel insurance in case rescheduling is unsuitable.

All participants must be of good health and complete a medical declaration. This is available on our website:

All participants must be diving certified to dive on a charter or undergoing a diving course with New Zealand Diving Limited.

All participants must be able to swim a minimum of 200m, unassisted.


Contact New Zealand Diving about our Divemaster Course schedules.



While New Zealand Diving will provide all specialised diving equipment, it is advisable to be prepared with the standard set of dive gear. We will be happy to assist you in in-house packages that will benefit your course.


The Divemaster certification is the first professional level in the world of scuba diving. You learn to guide on charters and assist on courses. Your skills will need to be of instructor standard and your knowledge equally as good.

Our courses are spread over a period of time and have many additional benefits. Contact us and become the best you can be.

  • Warkworth, North Island, New Zealand
  • SDI Divemaster
  • Contact for Details
  • $1760


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