History of the Rewa

The Rewa began her life in September 1889 as the Alice A.Leigh, a 3,000 ton four-masted steel barque built by the Whitehaven Shipbuilding Company, Cumbria, UK.
Rewa ran the typical trades of the large four-masters, taking bulk cargoes from India and Australia to London, and to the Pacific coast of North America. She visited Australia for the first time in Feb.1895


Renamed Rewa, she made her last major voyage to London via the Cape of Good Hope in 103 days, with a load of wool. She returned to Newcastle in ballast in 93 days, and loaded coal and sleepers for Auckland. She arrived in Auckland in August 1922 on her final voyage

Finally a storm put paid to that endeavour and she ended up scuttled near the shore of Moturekareka Island near Kawau (June 1930). Easy to get to and just a short boat ride from the marina. This is a popular training site, well sheltered and protected from any currents and deep depths. She is an ideal site for those wishing to learn how to wreck dive.

Today she is a popular tourist site and still recognisable as the ship she once use to be. Although a very shallow dive she makes for a good training site for both scuba divers and freedivers alike.
Her decks have long gone and parts of her masts lay out into the bay. Many of the steel plates have gone from her side, exposing the ribs and allowing easy access into the centre of her hull.
There are no overhead penetration areas of concern and the bottom depth in the hull is shallow.

In good light and visibility conditions she is a very pretty dive, excellent for photographers.
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The Rewa is a great destination and can be dived as part of our Advanced Diver programme


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REWA Shipwreck

Our local shipwreck the Rewa just outside of Sandspit. You can dive her on a local dive charter

  • Warkworth, North Island, New Zealand
  • Rewa shipwreck dive - local charter
  • 1 Day
  • $204


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