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Poor Knights Islands Livaboard Tour



Join us on our Poor Knights Islands Liveaboard Tour, a 2 day charter and dive the unspoilt sites around the islands. Rated as one of the top ten dives in the world by Jacques Cousteau, the Poor Knights Islands are the remains of a group of ancient volcanoes. Beneath the waves these volcanoes have been hollowed and shaped by the ocean into a web of caves, tunnels and cliffs .

Because of their incredible form and biodiversity, the sea surrounding the islands has been a marine reserve since 1981. It extends to 800 m around the islands.

Beneath the waves the caves, arches, tunnels and sheer cliffs provide a great variety of habitats to explore. From turbulent sunlit waters and kelp forest on the upper reaches of the tumbling giant ‘staircase’ to the dark waters of the islands’ many caves, the Poor Knights offer an extraordinary variety of underwater experiences.


The Poor Knights Islands offer a huge array of marine life that can be seen over long distances because of the spectacular visibility. There are sponge gardens and gorgonian fields inhabited by a myriad of fish, shellfish, urchins and anemones. The islands’ famous arches are fascinating to explore, with countless animals competing for space on the walls. In the warmer months, squadrons of stingrays can be seen cruising the waters of the archways. Many of the subtropical fish living in the marine reserve are found nowhere else in New Zealand. They include subtropical species such as spotted black groper, mosaic moray and Lord Howe coral fish. The fish are known for their friendliness and make visiting the marine reserve a very memorable experience.

Join us on a 2 day fully inclusive live-a-board trip to dive the Poor Knights Islands. New Zealand Diving offers personalized tours and away from the crowds. Get to see the real Poor Knights Islands.

You will be staying out at the island on Hawere, diving early and diving late. You can expect to get 3 to 4 dives on a day, if you are keen! There will be be plenty of food for everyone and spacious accommodation in a bunk style for 8 persons

This package is all inclusive and includes between 2 – 4 dives per day (depending on depth and duration), gear hire & charters from our boat. The accommodation on our boat Hawere is bunk style, and meals are included. Departure point and return to shore is from Sandspit Wharf.

To join one of our charters, you must have dived within the last 12 months – contact us if you need a refresher.


Heading out from Sandspit Wharf just 45min north of Auckland, the charter will spend two days and one night the Poor Knights Islands. Food is plentiful and accommodation is in bunk style. You can expect to make up to 4 dives a day depending on the depth and duration of you dives. Dive gear can be provided if required.

Clients may bring their own alcohol, however, this may only be consumed after diving activities have completed.

If you are interested in the diverse life at the Poor Knights, why take an SSI Marine Ecology course , there are six to chose from, all online and will help understand this beautiful environment


Leaving at approximately 8:00am on the first morning, Hawere will head out to the first of four Poor Knights Islands dive sites. Lunch and evening meal will be provided onboard with a light mid-afternoon snacks.

A relaxing evening will be spent onboard with guests. Hawere will moor for the evening in a tranquil bay at  the Poor Knights

An early start on the second day will allow for two dives to be completed before lunch and a further two before we head back to Sandspit for the evening.


Clients will need to bring warm clothing, sleeping bag or duvet. Bed sheets & pillows will be provided.

If you have your own dive gear you are welcome to bring it. Those requiring rental gear will need to complete the relevant forms prior to sailing.

Meals, snacks and soft drinks are provided (unfortunately we cannot cater for specific dietary requirements).


Great Barrier Liveaboard Tour


2 day Poor Knights Islands liveaboard charter on the boat Hawere. Fully inclusive of food, accommodation and diving. Up to 4 dives a day if you are keen! Departs/returns to  Sandspit Wharf near Warkworth.

  • Warkworth, North Island, New Zealand
  • Poor Knights Islands Liveaboard Dive Charter
  • 2 Day
  • $1200.00


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