Spearfishing Contest


Warkworth Spearfishing Contest 2015 cancelled due to weather & numbers

2016 date to be announced

Watch this space! Enter early into our contest and win up to $2000 worth of prizes from Beuchat,  see you next year.

Enter our annual spearfishing contest and win up to $2000 of prizes from Beuchat!

Beuchat have kindly sponsored our contest for the past three years which is held at the Omaha boat ramp.

The contest is open to all levels and ages and appears on the calendar for the National Spearfishing Club of New Zealand.

Download our Registration Form & Competition Rules, then simply email them to dive@nzdiving.co.nz or call 09 422 3599 for further details.

Competition Area

All competitors must launch from Omaha boat ramp. The designated area will run from Cape Rodney (outside of the marine reserves), across to Little Barrier and around to Kawau (Fairchild’s Reef).


100 points per eligible fish

100 points per kilogram

Maximum weight to be scored for each fish will be 8 kilograms.

Eligible Species List

As an indication, this is the species list and number of fish allowed to be caught for each species

Kingfish x 1                                     Snapper x 2

John Dory x 2                                 Tarakihi x 2

Trevally x 2                                     Kahawai x 2

Butterfish x 2                                  Boarfish x 2

Blue Mao Mao x 2                          Pink Mao Mao x 2

Blue Moki x 1                                  Koheru x 2

Hapuku or Gamefish x 1


Registration must be before the start of the competition. No registrations will be accepted once the contest has commenced. Registration forms are available to download & at our dive centre. Address at the beginning of the form. Incomplete forms will be disregarded. All forms must accompany a registration fee of $25 per person.

Dates and Times

The start time of the competition is Saturday April 11th 07:30. Last weigh in will be 16:00

Charity Auction

Once the competition prize giving has completed a charity fish auction will be held to raise funds for the local Coastguard. All fish caught will be entered into the auction at the discretion of the organisers.

Reserve Date

Sunday April 12th

Final Reserve Date

In the event of poor weather the date will be moved back to:  Sunday 17th


No entries will be accepted on the day. All competitions must registrar their names, boats and number of passengers

It is the responsibility of the boat master to ensure that all of his passengers and crew return safely.


Notice of cancellation will be posted on the website, at the dive centre and recorded on the dive centre telephone system.

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