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Your scuba equipment is an investment, it’s not unusual to have scuba equipment for thirty or forty years. While you may feel comfortable renting, you might be more inclined to participate in more outings if you’ve purchased the gear yourself.


Here are some recommended brands to look for:

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Custom Divers

Leaders in technical wings, reels and other technical dive gear.
Check out the latest range: all manufactured to the highest quality.


High quality wetsuits made for divers by divers
Dry suits & Semi-dry suits for the toughest conditions: both male & female designs
High quality – made to measure
Durable – value for money
Backed by a quality service


The world’s best regulator manufacturer
Full range of fins & masks
All the accessories you will need on a dive
Quality at an affordable price


UWATEC COMPUTERS: stylish, reliable with a proven track record
Sportsdiver or technical models: single tank or multiple tank models
Easy to read – Easy to use
Software Included
Download your profiles and analyise your dive


Beuchat was founded by George Beuchat in the 30’s. Since then Beuchat has been at the forefront of diving developments, and the ongoing discovery of the ocean. In fact it was George Beuchat who in 1953 invented the first isothermal diving suit (aka the wetsuit).


From the outset, it’s always been IST’s primary goal to manufacture SAFE, RELIABLE, HIGH QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices. This may sound simple but the concept is profound; we have invested countless hours and resources into product development and innovation to achieve this end, all for the ultimate enjoyment of divers world-wide.

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