As the only truly sustainable method of fishing due to its selective single fish targeting, New Zealand Diving is a supporter of spearfishing.

Spearfishing is one of the fastest growing watersports in New Zealand and the Hauraki Gulf has some of the best diving to offer for those keen on hunting. 


Spearfishing offers a totally different experience in comparison to scuba diving, without the aid artificial breathing apparatus and the hiss of regulators scaring all the fish away, the opportunity to encounter fish life up close and personal increases dramatically. You will get much closer and see a bigger variety of fish; you are now no longer spectators but rather participants, another predator in the food chain of life.

Hunting & Gathering Course

For anybody looking to get into the sport New Zealand Diving offer courses to teach you how to hunt, what to look for and how many to take, basically all of the legal stuff around the laws and safety requirements of the sport. In addition we teach you how to improve your breath holding, along with techniques on diving and stalking your prey. Hunting and gathering courses are regularly run, open to everyone and great fun.

The Gear

At New Zealand Diving we stock a whole range of equipment prepare you for this sport. Starter packs are available to provide with all of the basics you need at an affordable price. For those of you looking to upgrade you equipment, then there is a whole array of choices available to you in terms of spearguns, wetsuits and all of the accessories. Check out our online store or visit us in store.


New Zealand Diving now offers a whole list of destinations to dive, all from the luxury of our dive boat. These include destinations such as Little BarrierGreat Barrier, Hen & Chick Islands as well as sites closer to home. Contact our store for details on 0800 NZDIVING (09 422 3599) or check out our schedule on the website

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