The Poor Knights

The Poor Knights

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The Poor Knights Islands are located 22 km off the east coast of Northland. They are the remains of a group of ancient volcanoes. Beneath the waves these volcanoes have been hollowed and shaped by the ocean into a web of caves, tunnels and cliffs which Jacques Cousteau rated as one of the top ten dives in the world.  Because of their incredible form and biodiversity, the sea surrounding the islands has been a marine reserve since 1981.

The Poor Knights offer a huge array of marine life that can be seen over long distances because of the spectacular visibility. There are sponge gardens and gorgonian fields inhabited by a myriad of fish, shellfish, urchins and anemones. The islands’ famous arches are fascinating to explore, with countless animals competing for space on the walls. In the warmer months, squadrons of stingrays can be seen cruising the waters of the archways. Many of the subtropical fish living in the marine reserve are found nowhere else in New Zealand. They include subtropical species such as spotted black groper, mosaic moray and Lord Howe coral fish. The fish are known for their friendliness and make visiting the marine reserve a very memorable experience.

New Zealand Diving offers a two day charter to the Poor Knights for only. Personalized tours and away from the crowds. Get to see the real Poor Knights

Our all inclusive package includes tank fills, gear hire!

$260 per day

Nitrox available on request to certified divers 

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