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New Zealand Diving is involved in a number of conservation projects around the Hauraki Gulf.

Together with DOC, Auckland University and the local community we are striding to make a difference to our environment.

If you would like to join us and become involved in these worthwhile projects please contact us by email or on 09422 3599.

Here are some of the projects you can join in on now:


Marine Habitat Monitoring

New Zealand Diving is teaming up with a number of local colleges to help assist the researchers at the University of Auckland’s Leigh Marine Laboratory & DOC in their current conservation programs.

Staff and students at the Leigh Marine Laboratory have monitored life on the local rocky reefs since the mid 1970s. The resulting data has revealed major changes in the abundances and sizes of species like snapper and red rock lobster within the Cape Rodney-Okakari Point Marine Reserve at Goat Island, and the conversion of virtually all of the “urchin barrens” habitat inside the reserve into kelp forest. New Zealand Diving is contributing to this monitoring programme with the assistance of volunteer divers by surveying permanent transect lines inside and outside the Goat Island and Tawharanui reserves. This will be done at least annually using video cameras, and it is expected that the archived footage will be valuable in the future for detecting changes in habitats and individual species due to a variety of factors including invasive species, climate change, sedimentation and fishing.

Divers will be given the opportunity to help assist in gathering vital data whilst enjoying the fun of scuba diving.

Divers will be provided a video camera to film these areas & their data then handed over to the research team at Leigh. The information will provide vital data on a time lapse principle on how our marine environment is changing.

In addition images will be hosted on the internet so he changes taking place can be viewed over a period of time.

Anyone wishing to participate in the project they must hold a minimum level of Open Water certification. These are available through New Zealand Diving and the colleges they are working with.


Warkworth Cement Works

cm works 4web

The Cement Works is a historic site that has been left to unfortunately become overgrown and polluted with decaying plant matter. The lake itself represents one of the earliest working quarries in New Zealand. Early exploration dives have revealed interesting information about the site.

Its layout and depth make it an excellent site to use when weather is too rough out at sea. With excellent shelter from wind and rain it beckons to become a recreational site.

We are campaigning to get the quarry lake at the Cement Works cleaned to improve water quality and re-planted with indigenous & oxygenating plants. This is a very much hands on project that everyone can contribute to. Our intention is to make this a safe, all-year round site for all water sports and for everyone to use.

New Zealand Diving is currently mapping out the quarry and filming the bottom of the lake.

Country TV will be broadcasting information about the Cement Works & featuring an interview with NZ Diving concerning the conservation work we are trying to do.

Watch us on Water-New Zealand’s Life Stream

cm works3web


If you would like to find out more about any of these projects can email or  call 09 422 3599, or come into to our shop 22 Whitaker Road, Warkworth.

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